Victoria's 6th Birthday

I am so thankful that Victoria had a happy birthday, because it was looking kinda dicey the week before. We ALL got sick  between Friday and Sunday. It was so horrible I am not even going to refer to the symptoms, but let me just say, I have not felt like myself until today. All week I dragged myself through my responsibilities, taking frequent naps, and really just wanting to cry when I thought about planning a party. The date and time were already set and we had invited guests, so there was no backing out, but I did simplify as much as possible. Since Victoria wanted to invite little girls whose families happened to be our friends, we were looking forward to spending some time together, and I had originally planned to have them all come for a meal that went along with the garden theme Victoria chose. I was thinking cabbages hollowed out and filled with salads, etc. As we limped along, it became cake and ice cream. I let Victoria pick out the ice cream at Walmart and she chose those mini single serving rainbow sherbets. I thought that would be just fine. No need for bowls. Her cake was really 24 chocolate cupcakes covered with chocolate mocha icing and crushed Oreos. I did manage to do that part, from scratch even, in between naps. But the decorations made me feel dizzy. They were miniature vegetables molded out of candies. Thankfully, David came to the rescue and made almost all of them, with very minimal help from me. In fact, he thoroughly enjoyed himself and finished the job with a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment. Every mom should have a David. Here is what our garden looked like before the party. (These cupcakes are another idea from Hello, Cupcake!) We have carrots, peas, beets, lettuce, and a sprinkling of M&M seeds and pretzel shovels.

I asked Mike to bring home a dozen white balloons, to tie on to the party favors, after his weekly Starbucks meeting with the oldest children. Grace walked into the kitchen with the balloons in her grasp and immediately three of them grazed the can lights in the kitchen and went POP! POP! POP! As I stood there and mentally counted how many balloons we actually needed and how many were truly expendable, David zoomed in to the rescue again. He declared, “You don’t have to worry about that! I have some more just like them in my room! I’ll just blow them up and tie them to the old ribbons!”

“But they won’t be filled with helium,” I countered.

“”That doesn’t matter. I’ll blow them up with my air and they will float!” 

We actually got into a mini argument about whether his hot breath would float or not, but I gave it up as hopeless, and in the end, of course, I won that one. But it was ugly, because he blew up red, blue, and green balloons, realized they really would need floating assistance, and he taped them to the other balloons. I don’t know why, but he also cut some of the good ribbons on the intact balloons. When I saw his attempts to fix this problem, I was not as pleased as I was when he made carrots out of Starbursts. I saw red, blue and green glaring from the otherwise elegant balloon bouquet. And the ribbon mess. I guess he did not realize that each guest was going to take their own balloon home and that a mismatched, taped together balloon, full of hot teen aged breath, was not going to do. In the end I had my way. And here is what it looked like, thank goodness. 

Even though he has no taste, no taste at all, in decorating, he is a good boy and I appreciate his intentions. David and Paul were wonderful hosts and obligingly blew giant bubbles and pushed shrieking, giggling little girls on the tire swing. This was the main activity, but Grace also brought Snowflake out to visit and Penny laid an egg just in time for one little friend to find it on the “farm tour”. The grown ups mostly sat around and talked, which is just what I needed. Honestly, as I was preparing for this party, I frequently thought, “Never again. This is too hard. This is not worth it.” But two things made it very worth it. One was Victoria watching David and me assemble the cupcakes and saying softly, from a safe distance, “I love you, Mommy. I really, really love you!” And the other was the delight I felt when our friends arrived and the lovely time we had visiting. I wish I had been up to making a meal so we all could have enjoyed more hours together. 

When the girls took a break from the swings, Victoria opened her gifts. Everything was just what she never knew existed, but what she really wanted, down deep, inside. Princess walkie-talkies and a princess dollhouse from Grandma.

A treasure box with decorations inside from Virginia.

Princess jammies and towel, and a Play-doh cake decorating set from us.

Lalaloopsie ferris wheel and dolls from Leiani, who also made a custom birthday card.

After all this excitement, we were ready for refreshments. 

After our guests went home, Victoria played with her new toys happily ever after.

Tomorrow we celebrate Ethan’s birthday. I do hope he will have a happy ending as well. The first attempt I made with his cake was a total flop. If I had been with it, I would have suggested he have a meteor crater cake, but I promised a dinosaur. I’ll be up late. 

© Being Fruitful, 2012