Valentine's Day- Rated G

Someone told me once that Valentine’s Day was their favorite holiday, because it was all about sex and chocolate and what’s not to like about that? Our plans had to be adjusted to a more family inclusive celebration. It was due for an overhaul anyway. Last year was a flop, since we did not plan (read- did not make reservations) and ended up at a restaurant with six TVs on the walls. I did not find that romantic at all. It didn’t even matter what was showing, but it was mostly sports, which certainly did not add anything steamy to the atmosphere. After that episode, I vowed to have a homemade Valentine’s day this year, sure that no matter what I came up with, it couldn’t help but be 100 times better. Or more. This one is rated G because Mike is recovering from a hernia operation and not up to anything more exciting than a family meal. But we still have chocolate!

Before I get to that, early this morning I checked email and found this homemade valentine from Mike. He designed it all himself! I hope you will not be jealous if all you got was ice hockey. It happens to all of us sometimes. 

We have greatly reduced, but not totally eliminated the family sugar consumption. Most of us are handling this well, but David begs for dessert every single night, proving that he is helplessly addicted. This morning I put a blob of strawberry jam in everyone’s hot cereal (except mine) and now David loves me more than ever. My taste buds have happily accepted the sugar reduction and I find I do not enjoy anything sweeter than a piece of fruit. However, I did agree to not worry about sugar at all on special days or when we had company. Between Grace and myself, the table was loaded with goodies. Grace bought everyone a box of conversation hearts, which appeared at breakfast. I had little boxes of chocolate on each plate at lunch time, in addition to all the goodies we baked last week. Grace made a Jelly Roll, and I made peppermint patties shaped like hearts, coconut balls, chocolate dipped strawberries, and the children helped decorate Valentine sugar cookies. For lunch I made heart shaped pizza, on whole wheat crusts, and with homemade sauce, just so you don’t think I totally blew it. Dinner will make up for some of this with  wholesome beef and broccoli and a spinach salad.

All last week the younger children crafted Valentine cards for each other, for us, for their friends at AWANA and Sunday school, for our pastor, and for our sweet 80 year old neighbor Mrs. Betty. Since Mrs. Betty lives only a hop, skip, and jump away, she did not have to wait until today to receive her tokens of their esteem. They were delivered every other day, at least. Mrs. Betty did not spurn their affection, but surprised them with love notes of her own in the mailbox this afternoon.

I knew it was coming, so I had my camera ready. 



Happy Valentine’s Day to you all, and if you do not get romance, I hope you will at least have plenty of chocolate. 

© Being Fruitful, 2012