Thanksgiving Tepees

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. The decorations are easy and natural and I don’t get tired of looking at them. The menu is already decided, but there is wiggle room. There are no presents to buy and not too many extra activities to attend. All that makes it easy to enjoy and to celebrate. Then there is the whole being thankful part. It feels good to remember all the blessings of the year or even of a lifetime. So much better than “what do you want for Christmas?” 

We are taking the whole week off from school and I am so thankful! Grace and I browsed my Thanksgiving Idea Binder and chose the recipes for the big day. We chose some old favorites and some new but familiar sounding dishes. One year I divided up the things I had to make and assigned a day for each so I would have time to enjoy myself, even as I did the bulk of the cooking. (Or all of it in those days.) It has worked very well for me and I think I should do this for Christmas, too. 

Monday- Bake bread

Tuesday- Bake desserts and make cranberry sauce

Wednesday- Make side dishes

Thursday- Bake turkey and last minute food

Friday- Leftovers

I also like to do a few, not very stressful, crafty things with the little ones. It would be great if these things were not messy, didn’t become clutter, didn’t require any preparation or shopping. This activity doesn’t quite meet all those goals, but we do it every year anyway. The children like it because they get to paint and then they get to eat their craft. 

To make a tortilla tepee:

Cut a 7- or 8-inch flour tortilla in half.  Dilute desired food coloring with water and use paintbrush to make designs on side of tepee; the curved edge will become the bottom. (You can also find food coloring markers with the baking supplies at the grocery store.) Form each half tortilla into a cone, overlapping slightly and leaving a center top opening about 1/2 inch across. Secure with a toothpick (weave it in and out like a straight pin). Dip ends of pretzel sticks into peanut butter or canned frosting, then insert 3 pretzels into center opening of each tepee and spread slightly apart, pressing against inside of tortilla to adhere. Take pictures. Display OR disassemble, spread with peanut butter and eat. 

I found this idea in Better Homes and Gardens, November 1995- before I even had children!

© Being Fruitful, 2012