Loose Ends

I had several unrelated things in mind to write about and planned to do that last night, only I realized I had forgotten (in time to recover) that I had invited two friends over for tea! Anyway, nothing big going on here. Hope got her second haircut, her first professional style. She still has several messy layers on one side, thanks to Ethan. She sacrificed several inches in order to speed up the recovery. Here are some before and afters. I am going to let her bangs grow out. No need to hide behind hair when your face is so cute! I made the yellow dress she is wearing a few months ago. The pattern was one my grandmother made for me and I remember wearing mine.



Here are some funny pictures of Hopesie when she fell asleep on the stairs. Are we keeping her up too late?

Victoria learned how to ride her bike without training wheels. Like all the others, one day she just decided to do it.

I never did get a chance to show you the child sized picnic table David built from one piece of plywood. This was his project for the Family Life merit badge. He did 90% of the work himself. Mike had to help with the cutting, but David did all the measuring, drew the pattern, sanded, and painted. You can see that it was like a puzzle, making the most of a single piece of plywood and it folds up flat for storage. Do you want one? Family Fun Magazine has the plans in a download, which you can have for free.

The garden is doing better than ever, which means we got to eat something this time. The lettuce always does the best. It always lacks nitrogen to begin with, but once we realize that and make amends, we harvest plenty of lettuce to keep us all in salad. I planted more than I thought we would need and now that it is too hot for lettuce I am letting it go to seed in an attempt to save the seed and plant again in the fall. Right now the lettuces are budding yellow flowers and unfortunately, being attacked by aphids. I sprayed them with a homemade bug repellent this morning, and this afternoon, I knew for sure that was the wrong thing to do. 

We also got a few peas, but nothing to brag about. 

We are starting to get a few cherry tomatoes, as well as tomato and squash predators. We have disposed of baby hornworms, leaf rollers, stink bugs, and grasshoppers. There might be another critter eating veggie leaves, but I can’t figure out who it is. I dusted everything generously with diatomaceous earth just to be on the safe side. The DE is completely safe for mammals, but death to invaders with exoskeletons.  I took care to keep it away from the flowers, so the bees can avoid it, and it will all get washed off tomorrow when I water the garden. 

Mike made a trellis for me out of a piece of cattle fencing. I have cucumber planted under it and some peas. It is too hot for the peas already, so I will have to feed them to Penny in the next few days. On the top is a picture of the baby cukes, and in the next picture you can see what they looked like last week. This week they are almost to the top of the trellis. 

growth spurt

I find myself thinking about the garden all the time, and I confess I need a bumper sticker that says “I brake for mulch”. Friends of mine snagged all these bags of leaves that their neighbors put out for the garbage, so I could build my compost pile. Ms. Betty gave me all her leaves, too, at least fifteen bags. I signed up for a composting class in June and I can hardly wait. I keep telling Mike, there is just so much I need to know. It takes so long to learn it all by messing up. I need help. 

The last little loose end I wanted to tell you about involves Hopesies’s rear end. She has been potty training, with mild success, for two weeks, which makes this the first two weeks in fourteen years that we have not had someone in diapers. We are tickled pink! And we are getting the carpets cleaned in about a month. 

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