Blueberry Pie

My favorite Grandma gave me this recipe. It tastes so wonderful because only a fraction of the berries are cooked, while the rest are folded in raw. You are on your own with the pie crust, because I have not found a satisfactory recipe for the crust that does not use crisco, which I do not consider fit to eat. I’ll keep experimenting and get back to you, if it ever works out. You can use frozen berries, if you do not have fresh, and it tastes just the same.


1 C. fresh blueberries

1 C. sugar

3/4 C. water 

3 Tbs. cornstarch

3  1/2 C. fresh blueberries

baked pie crust

Cook first 3 ingr. ,until soft, in a small saucepan. Thicken with cornstarch and a small amount of cold water. Cool, then fold in remaining berries. Spoon into pie shell. Cool 3 hours before serving.

While I can not share a decent recipe for the pie crust, I can at least show you how I get it in the pan all in one piece and with minimal mess. Take a big piece of waxed paper, fold it in half and roll the crust out inside it. When it is big enough, gently lift the waxed paper off the top, then replace it, flip the whole thing over and lift the paper from the other side. 

Put the prettiest side up in the pie pan. The counter and rolling pin are still clean. I can usually do this again for a second pie before the waxed paper rips. If you are going to make one pie, you might as well make two and have some friends over. 

Same pie, but here I used strawberries. You can use any juicy fruit or combination. 

DSC 0002

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