Chocolate Eclair Cake

This dessert makes you look like a pastry chef, but it is so easy it is almost embarrassing. My friend Vicki Nevill shared this with us after Mike had two bites and begged me to get a copy of it, whatever it cost. There is no cooking involved! I substitute fresh whipped cream for the Cool Whip because I don’t like the processed taste of Cool Whip, but most people will be happy either way. If your graham crackers don’t fit perfectly, just break them to fit or overlap them a little. You will not be able to tell. 


1 box graham crackers

2 small boxes instant French vanilla pudding 

3 C. milk

3C. whipped cream (or large carton of Cool Whip)

1 jar chocolate frosting

Mix milk and pudding. Fold in whipped cream or Cool Whip. In 9”x13” pan, layer crackers and pudding (4 layers crackers, 3 layers pudding). Spread frosting on top. Refrigerate overnight.

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