Garlic Cheese Ball

My Aunt Alice shared this recipe with me about 15 or 16 years ago and we have enjoyed it many times since. I usually make this around the holidays or when we have company coming and I want to have snacks on hand. It is so easy. I bet it takes less than five minutes to make it. It is an adaptable recipe, too. You can roll it in any kind of nuts or dried herbs, and add anything that sounds good to the cheese, such as chopped green onions, diced peppers, sun dried tomatoes. Whatever!


16-oz. cream cheese, softened

8-oz. grated cheddar

2 tsp. Worcestershire sauce

dash of Tabasco sauce (or more, it won’t hurt)

2 tsp. pressed garlic

chopped nuts

Mix first 5 ingredients together, shape into a ball, then roll in nuts. Serve with crackers.

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