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I thought it would be fun to have a page dedicated to cake, since we have a birthday almost every month. You will see that I have been making progress on cake decorating with all this practice. We started out with babies who had food allergies (milk and egg) so my focus at that time was a cake that actually tasted like cake, and the decorations were secondary. Above is Paul on his first birthday with the Pooh Candle I bought at the last minute. We were at my Grandma's house for his birthday and I saw the candle at the grocery store. He was real close with Winnie-the-Pooh in those days. 

Below is David's third birthday and a train cake. 

12 David & Paul

At an early age, Paul made the life changing decision to become a fireman when he grew up, even though he could not say "Fire truck". On his third birthday he told me that he liked the pumper truck I made for him when he was two, but he really wanted a ladder truck. I didn't even know the difference at that time. In fact, I did not know there was more than one kind of fire truck, until he pointed it out. Unfortunately, I do not seem to have a picture of the ladder cake in the computer.

Paul 2000 2

This is an dinosaur for David's fourth.

David 2000 1

David asked for a shark cake for this fifth birthday. I couldn't even imagine how I would make a shark. I felt much better when  friend gave me a plastic shark. 


Now Grace gets the Pooh Candle for her first birthday, and a very plain cake. But it was allergy safe.

Grace b-day2.JPG copy

Her second birthday wasn't much better. The roses and leaves are from the baking aisle in the grocery store.


An dinosaur for Paul on his fourth. This is  popular request on fourth birthdays.


By his fifth birthday, Paul had moved away from firefighting, stating that it was too dangerous, preferring instead to take up knighthood.

IMG 0052 2

I made a ladybug cake for Grace's third birthday. I actually made this in three attempts. Once with the wrong sized bowl, once with the wrong flour, and the final time, with the correct bowl and flour, but with flames lapping up the overflow from previous attempts. Mike sent me to bed to rest, put out the fire, and saved the day.

IMG 0148 14

David asked for the space shuttle when he turned six.


A little friend wanted a Blue Angel and his mother was recovering from surgery, so I did what I could to help out. 

A bunny for Grace.

I love it when they are too little to have a preference and I get to make whatever I want. I saw this sailboat cake in Martha Stewart's magazine. This was Jonathan's first birthday.

A low stress dinosaur cake for Jonathan's second birthday. 

Grace gets a butterfly for her fifth. I frosted it when it was still warm. I don't recommend that. 

A rosebud cake for Victoria's first, with a singing birthday candle. 

And a similar cake for a friend's baby shower.

A train cake for Jonathan.

A chocolate raspberry cake for both Jonathan and Victoria. I thought we would combine their celebrations because Ethan was due in between their birthdays, but Ethan managed to arrive two weeks early so he could come to the party. 

Paul wanted a tank for his ninth.

A tea pot for Grace.

A fighter for Paul.

A cake resembling a runway for David. He might have asked for an aircraft carrier, but a grey amorphous thing was too much for me.

A princess doll for Grace.

David never got a turn with the Pooh Candle, so before he got too old, we topped a mint chocolate cake with it and some fun candles along side. 

I found a special effects birthday cake cookbook. This volcano did not live up to expectations.

A bowling cake.

Yummy for David. He lets me do anything I want, as long as it has lots of sugar. I am enjoying this stage and hope it lasts. 

A pumpkin for Thanksgiving.

This was the final "exam" in my cake decorating class. Grace got to pick the color, since it was also for her. 

Victoria wanted cake shaped like her two favorite stuffed animals, Pink Bunny and Brown Bunny.

Not in chronological order, here are a couple of pirate ship cakes for Paul. I made the first one at sea level and it was fine.

The second one was baked at high altitude and we had some problems, but nothing that could not be fixed with extra buttercream icing. We thought it looked better than the original, with the waves holding the hull together.

German chocolate and the Pooh candle for Ethan's first. 

White chocolate and Pooh for Hope's first. We have gotten our money's worth out of this candle!

The cutest of all my fire trucks for Ethan.

Cake homework when I took the Wilton classes. 

Frosty the Snowman for Ethan's second. Candle placement was tricky.

Another princess doll, this time for Victoria.

A lamb for Jonathan.

Thomas for Jonathan.

More cake homework. This was too much work to ever do it again.

A princess castle for Victoria. The top flag caught on fire when we lit the candles. It was very exciting. 

Just something beautiful for Grace's birthday.

A "Zero" (Japanese fighter) for Jonathan.

Mike always askes for a coconut cake. This one turned out extra pretty.

A camping cake for a Court of Honor at Boy Scouts.

Mike made this Buckeye cake for me. He has never baked before in his life. It was delicious. 

For my mother-in-law on Mother's day.

Another camping cake.

He was four so a dinosaur cake, of course!

A 3D butterfly cake for Hope's second birthday. 

Peppermint marble for David.

An easy Italian Cream Cake for Grandma.

Under the sea for Grace.

Garden cupcakes for Victoria.

A campfire for the scoutmaster.

A bowl of ice cream to fuel that growth spurt. The bowl and the ice cream are really cake and icing.

A hamburger cake, because all teen boys think about is food.

Making her own cake at her cake decorating party. I suppose I have had an influence on her.

A gluten free chocolate gingerbread toffee cake.

A chocolate strawberry princess cake, as requested.

A Candy Land cake for three birthday babies. That's enough candy for all nine of us, for the whole year!

Mocha toffee and WWII for Paul.


Blue and purple theme for Grace.


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