I don’t claim to be a great photographer. I have a nice camera and I know a few things, like you need good light, you should have an uncluttered background, and not ask people to say cheese.

DSC 0273

I have tried to read a few photography books and I can’t get past "f-stop”. Suddenly my brain freezes just like it did whenever the algebra teacher opened her mouth and spoke gibberish. 

DSC 0275

Still, I decided to take David’s senior pictures myself, because how hard can this be? And I didn’t want to pay a lot of money for something I could do myself. 

DSC 0282

David was dismayed by the whole idea, no matter who was behind the camera, but he gamely put on the clothes I asked for and followed me into the yard for the casual pictures. 

DSC 0293

He was a good sport even when little brothers came out and taunted him, trying to get him to say cheese, or worse. But then it began to rain, and I told him we would put off the formal shots for another day. That’s where I lost him.

Two days later, I told him to put on his “dude suit” and get in the car. He was quiet in a huffy way. We went to a few spots in town where I hoped we would have good light, interesting backgrounds, and no crowds, but the first place was set up for a wedding, and the second was not as pretty as it looked from the road. 

DSC 0310

I parked at the third place and asked him to lean against this column so I could check the light. Then I said, "Please don't scowl. You have angry eyebrows and red lines on your forhead that aren’t going away even when you relax.”

DSC 0311

He said, “What difference does it make? You are just checking the light.” And he claims to have been under the impression for the entire photo shoot, that I dressed him up and drove him out there just to check the light, which changes moment by moment. As if I could check it today to prepare for some other day. And as if I would make him dress up and come with me for that. 

DSC 0316

I’m telling you, he did not get a scholarship based on common sense. 

DSC 0321

“Try to look pleasant,” I pleaded. 

DSC 0330

“I can’t. The sun is in my eyes,” he complained, even though it was cloudy. Perfect weather for picture taking. 

DSC 0337

The GQ shot was totally accidental. The wind blew his tie over his shoulder. Still, the ticked off eyebrows.

I kept looking for a less “sunny” spot, thinking this is my chance to get this taken care of. “How about over there by the brick wall?” I asked.

DSC 0344

He groaned and took a step backwards. “Not there. Someone might see me dressed like this.” Obviously, I have ruined his day, if not the whole rest of his life. 

DSC 0350

I tried bribery. “Hey, maybe we can go out for a treat afterwards?”

“No way. Not in these clothes.”

We aren’t having a real graduation ceremony. Just a luncheon at church with a slide show, which is why I need the pictures. 

DSC 0360

This is it. Just one little slideshow. And we just can’t pull it off. So instead, we are going to use the terrible pictures and just be real.

DSC 0367

Or grumpy. Whatever you want to call it. 

Look at all that great light! Mike says I should take him back and do it again, but I used up all my patience on that trip. I was sweet the whole time, but I don’t think I could do it twice. 

You win, David.  

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