One Down, Six to Go!

David asked us not to make a big fuss out of his graduation. He didn’t want a party or a trip, saying he already had everything he wanted, except perhaps he would let me make a special cake and his favorite meal for dinner. Only he couldn’t make up his mind what either of those might be. 

Mike and I went along with his wishes, for the most part, remembering that high school was not such a big deal to us either. It was more of a relief to be done with it, and it seems like David has been done with it for a long time. We have not ordered a diploma, only because we still haven’t named our school after eighteen years to think about it, and because we suspect it would just be a $30 piece of cardstock which would immediately go into the file cabinet. He has a transcript, of course, and has already been accepted into college, so I hope the lack of a paper diploma won’t be an issue down the road. If it is, I guess we’ll print one. 

I admit I felt relieved not to have to plan a big party, however, we decided to overrule David on two points. One was attending the Graduate Luncheon at our church (the one requiring those embarrassing senior pictures), and the other was insisting he wear a cap and gown for that event and taking many pictures. He sighed quite a lot. But he perked up when he realized he was also invited to the Graduate Breakfast before the services and would have to drive himself there in the "little hot rod,” which is what we call the car that holds only eight passengers. 

DSC 0022

David is wearing black and gold- the colors of a UCF Knight- in the back middle. We dressed him in that vile and suffocating cap and gown and then decorated him like a Christmas tree. The gold stole represents a straight A average, including his dual enrolled courses. The red, white and blue cord stands for almost 200 hours of community service in scouts as well as operating the cameras at church. The medallion on the black and gold ribbon was given to all the National Merit Scholars admitted to UCF.

DSC 0048

He enjoyed the luncheon in spite of his introverted tendencies and having to appear in public in the dreaded dude suit. 

DSC 0054

He felt much less enthusiastic about the hot cap and gown and railed against the cruel person who invented this punishing tradition, “Ugh! This hat is ridiculous!Whoever thought of this and WHY?"

DSC 0063

In an effort to get him to lighten up, I told the children to line up in age order and announced, “The name of this picture is: One Down, Only Six More To Go!” This inspired several other poses.

DSC 0075

Pushing David Out of the Nest

DSC 0090

David Drags His Siblings to College With Honors

DSC 0103

The Best of One Million Tries Without Photo Shopping Heads. 

At least David is smiling!

DSC 0115

Proud of Our First Born Who Graciously Puts Up With Us

DSC 0117

The lack of Pomp and Circumstance certainly saved me from many tears. Instead I felt only joy. 

DSC 0123

He gets his brains from his daddy.

DSC 0129

Congratulations, my dear one! You did it and you did it well!

DSC 0137

We went home to take naps, then grilled Chicken Sate in the rain, and we didn’t burn it this time! I made a Black and White Tuxedo Cake from Pinterest, with a few modifications; mainly I added more dark chocolate. Click on the picture at the bottom if you want the original recipe. 

DSC 0011

My cake did not look as fancy as the one on Pinterest, but we were all satisfied. 

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